Why personalized gifts are totally worth it

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How to choose the best meaningful & personalized gifts!

Around 50% of recipients don’t like the gifts they receive.
Are you looking for a gift everybody will love? I will show you how to give the best personalized gifts!


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What are personalized gifts?

First, we will cover what is meant by personalized gifts. As soon as we know what personalized gifts are, we can see why they are so important.

Personalized Gifts are gifts that carry one or more of the following examples.

Name or Initials

Gifts that carry the name or monograms / initials of the recipient. This is the traditional method of doing personalized gifts.

Hand & Foot Prints

You may have seen this before. This kind of gift is often made by new parents or kids. These are cards and signs with handprints or footprints of a child or baby.

Unique Designs

Unique Designs are designs without an equal design. For example, designs that have a special meaning to the recipient.

Utilized Photos

Also, a well-known kind of gift is the use of photos. For example, you can create a small photo book or a framed picture. There are many possibilities to use photos to give a gift a personal touch.

personalized gifts

What can be personalized?


Wine glasses and all other types of drinking/serving glasses can be personalized with names, dates or favorite motifs. You could also use a glass plate and personalize it.
The most common techniques are engraving and etching.

You can view some buyable examples here!
Or take a look at this Gallery for reference!

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Necklaces, watches, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry are very popular gifts.


Personalized chopping boards, boxes, photo frames, or wooden spoons are also very popular.
The most common technique in making these is wood burning. 


Yes, candles can also be personalized. One possibility is the personalization of the label if it is a candle in a glass jar. You could use a photo as a label for example.

Another possibility is to directly attach the photo on the candle. This can be done using specific candle patches.


Mirrors can be personalized in the same way as glass. Mirrors can be personalized with a name or a date, like the wedding date, for example. 

They can also be decorated with a specific motif for decorative uses. 

Similar to glass, the most common techniques used for customization are etching and engraving.

T-Shirts, aprons and more

T-Shirts, aprons, baby nibs, and other fabric products can also be personalized. The technique used for fabric products is usually stitching. The name, date, or other personal information are stitched onto the fabric. I always remember one of our wedding gifts. We got two towels stitched with our names and the wedding date.

Also, we got a face cloth for our baby girl with her name on it.  

Why are personalized gifts so popular?

Shows personal connection

Personalized Gifts shine a light on personal connections between individuals.  It can allow you to materialize the relationship. Such a gift will always be a reminder of the beautiful relationship you share. 

Thoughtful gift

“It’s the thought that counts!” Really wise words. That’s exactly what personalized gifts show – the thoughts you spent on this special person.

Suitable for all people

With a little thought and creativity, you can find something special and personal for everyone. Even if there is no special design, everybody has a name, and a gift with their name on it shows the care you put into the gift. This is what matters most.

Some gifts are big. Others are small, but the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all. Klick um zu Tweeten

Why personalized gifts are the best?


Because of personalization, this gift has a special meaning to the recipient. Personalized gifts are used more often than not and will always have a special impact.

Unique gift

Do you know the feeling of hoping that someone else may not give the same gift? With a personalized gift you can make sure your gift is unique! No more fears of giving the same gift as another person.

Sentimental value

Nothing says “You are special to me” better than a thoughtful personalized gift. It shows that the gift came straight from your heart. What a beautiful way to show how much you care!

Suits every occasion

Personalized gifts free you from the stress of buying a gift. No matter if the gift is for a wedding or any other event, a personalized gift is always perfect. 

How do you give the best personalized gift?

Know the person

The most important thing is to know the person. If you listen to them carefully, you can find out what they love and can find the perfect gift for them. Also, consider practicality when choosing your gift. 

Bring a sense of connection

Ask yourself if the gift will deepen the connection between you and the recipient. 

There can be a deep meaning in the way the gift is made or where it is made. 

Represent a story

Everybody’s life has a story and so do the gifts that you give. You can choose a gift that has a connection to your recipient’s story. For example, when the gift matches up with a significant event in the person’s life. 

Another way is to choose a gift that reminds of a story you share. 

Is it giving more?

What does that mean? Gifts that give more are gifts that help someone grow in a specific way. It’s like investing in someone’s future. Examples would be art lessons or cooking classes. 

In conclusion, personalized gifts show your connection to the recipient, and how much you care! These gifts will have a special place in their hearts.

Feel free to leave a comment below about your own experience with personalized gifts.  

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