What is a Bullet Journal and how can it help you?

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What is a bullet journal? When I first heard the term “Bullet Journal” I asked myself what that is. As I researched about this topic I found something awesome, I really love now!


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What is a Bullet Journal (BuJo) ?

A bullet journal is best described as a life hack; it is an organizational system where you can track everything you need to do and remember. 

In summary, it’s a very effective way to get organized in a busy life. 

Who needs a Bullet Journal?

You need a bullet journal if you:

  • love journaling, beautiful pens, paper and decorating
  • want to create an organized future
  • love to-do-lists and planners

Why are Bullet Journals so great?

It’s the easiest way to stay organized!

  • You have everything in one place
  • You can make the pages fit your tasks, events and habits
  • Not much time is needed
  • All topics are stored in one place

Terms to understand


This is the first page in your bullet journal. It will help you to find everything you need.


This is a page in your journal where you list all the icons you are using as reference.

Rapid logging

This is a very quick and easy way to take notes. You are using icons, abbreviations, and short sentences to add information to your journal.

Daily Log

This is one of the most important pages; it is a simple to-do-list. On this page you can take note what you need to do and also your goals.

Weekly Log

This is an overview of your week. You can easily see the whole week at a glance when journaling in this way. This is usually created with 1-2 pages.

Monthly Log

This is an overview for a whole month. Usually, only 2 pages are used for a monthly spread. Here, you can plan monthly goals. It will also help you to see all your events and appointments coming up.  

Future Log

In your future log, you can add all your important monthly and yearly events. This is a very simple spread to make. This is usually for long-term-planning and a year at a glance calendar. 


This means moving uncompleted tasks to another log. It helps to make sure you never forget anything.


Collections are inserts you create based on your own personal needs and interests. This could be books to read, cleaning tasks, things to try, places to visit, home improvement, and much more.

Supplies for a Bullet Journal

You’ll need: 

Journal or Notebook



Useful things to have:






Storage for supplies

Complete Starter Sets

The best supplies to begin with

Here is my list of the best supplies for you. These are perfect for when you just start out. 

Best Journal or Notebooks:

Scribbles That Matter Notebook

This is perfect for your start as it includes a key code page, index pages, dotted numbered pages, and 2 color coded bookmarks. 

I really love this notebook. The paper is ultra-smooth, ink proof, and pens really glide across the pages. 

The best Notebook for BuJo starters!

Buy your Scribbles Notebook here

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

This is also a great notebook to start and is very similar to the Scribbles Notebook.

It has 240 numbered pages, ink proof paper, and it opens flat. 

Buy your Leuchtturm1917 Notebook here

Best Pens

Sakura Pigma MICRON

This is a really great fine line set of 6 pens. Smooth and skip-free writing in a crisp and rich black. These are really professional inking pens used by artists, illustrators, and more. The following sizes are included: #005 (0,2mm), #01 (0,25mm), #02 (0,3mm), #03 (0,35mm), #05 (0,45mm) and #08 (0,5mm)

Buy your Sakura Pigma MICON Pens here

Sharpie Art Pens

Bleed free ink and fine point for precise lines, they are bright with quick drying times. This set includes Pens from 8 to 24 colors. 

I love these because of the beautiful colors. But, as there is only one size, I’m combining these with the Sakura Pens. 

Buy your Sharpie Art Pens here

Best Markers

Sharpie Highlighters

This is a set of 10 different colors. They have a smooth-flowing liquid ink and a precision chisel tip. The ink is highly pigmented, so they provide saturated and brilliant colors. 

Buy your Sharpie Highlighters here

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

These Pens work like a paintbrush to create fine, medium, or bold strokes. They have a brush tip and a fine tip. 

I love that there are many different color combinations available with these! 

Buy your Tombow Dual Brush Pens here

Arteza TwiMarker  (100pcs Set)

If you love using many different colors, this set is perfect for you. This set contains 100 pcs Arteza TwiMarkers.  It also includes 100 different colors.

Buy your Arteza TwiMarker Set here

Best Rulers for Bullet Journaling

Hestya Drawing Templates

This is a set of 9 rulers for drawing geometric and various shapes. It helps me to create spreads faster.

Buy your Hestya Rulers here

Best Stencils

CH Haicheng Stencil Set

Set of 20 pcs stencils. This is really a great set and I love them so much. I have to say that this set is a bestseller on Amazon. Amazing Stencils for your Journals, perfect for the point-markers, brush pens, bullet-pens, and more. The stencils are also washable. 

Buy your Stencil Set here

Best Stamps and Stickers

Dadacrafts Calendar Stamps

Clear Stamp Set perfect for journaling. Calendar formats with Monday and Sunday Start.

Buy your Dadacrafts Calendar Stamps here

Savvy Bee Stickers

More than 700 stickers for daily inspiration. These stickers are perfect for bullet journaling.

Buy your Savvy Bee Stickers here

Chris.W Monthly Planner & Index Stickers

These Stickers are ideal for marking the months in your journal. I love them because with these labels it’s very easy to navigate through the calendar. 

Buy your ChrisW. Index Stickers here

Best Tapes

Agutape Set

This set contains 48 different tapes in a width of 3mm. 16 tapes have gold foil. They are so awesome for creating your journal! 

Buy your Agutape Set here

Best Storage and Organization Supplies

Pencil and Supplies Organizer

This is a large pencil organizer. It can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers, perfect for storing your bullet journal supplies. 

Buy your Pencil Organizer here

Best Starter Sets

Here are some of the best complete starter sets. With these sets you have everything for the basic starting. 

Bullet Journal Supplies Set (32 pcs)

This set contains 20 Sheets of custom designed stickers, 6 stencils, 5 rolls of washi tape, and 1 booklet of multicolored sticky tabs.

Buy your Bullet Journal Supplies Set here

STMT D.I.Y. Journaling Set

This set includes die-cut shapes, bookmarks, a journal, stickers, a keychain, frames, printed pages, and glitter tape.

bullet journal starter set

Buy your STMT DIY Journaling Set here

That’s all for now. Hopefully with these supplies you can start right away!

What are your favorite items? Comment below!

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  1. I have never considered using this before. Very interesting and tempting! thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your nice words! I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Love bullet journaling so much! It helps to clean my mind. Great tips.

    1. I’m very happy that I could provide helpful tips!

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  3. Journaling is certainly a very good habit. Helps with clarity of thought and purpose.

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  4. Sounds like something I should invest in! My life can be quite chaotic at times as a mom/blogger/hobby farmer. Having a way to organize my time could prove to be very helpful!

    1. I know what you’re talking about 😀 I was at the same point. My productivity increased very much as I started bullet journaling. I wish you all the best 🙂

  5. I love journal-ling! Though a bullet journal seems higher on the maintenance and commitment side, I always admire people who can maintain one and I’m sure they thrive off it! Great and thorough read. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your great words. It takes some time to get used to it, but then it’s really an awesome tool.

  6. It’s a good idea to do bullet journalising. I have never considered it before but it looks like an interesting thing to do.

    1. I’m very happy I could show you a new possibility. 🙂

  7. great information. always good to have everything organize so you dont have to be looking for this and that.

    1. True words, it costs a lot of time, when we have to look for things all the time.

  8. I like that idea and never thought about having a bullet journal. I think it’s goal-oriented and will help reach those goals quicker

    1. You are right, it helps to reach goals and keep them in mind.

  9. This is really cool. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my productivity. Whether it’s a totally new system or bits and pieces from another method that I can add to the hodgepodge of stuff I already do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s great, productivity is so important, we should always try to improve it. It’s fantastic that you are always looking for new ways. 🙂

  10. I love the idea I’ve never considered it but I think I should. great post you got

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  11. I don’t hear of bullet journals alot, i’m glad you shared the piece.

  12. I’ve started a DIY bullet journal at the start of the year, but I haven’t updated it regularly due to very busy schedule. I’ve been wanting to get back on track.

  13. I make to do lists almost every day, this is how I keep track on my daily tasks. I use a normal notebook for the moment. It would be nice to change it with a bullet journal.

  14. I’ve considered using a Bullet journal before but I am not nearly as creative as I’d like to be with these so at the moment I am just using a really neat planner that I found.

  15. As you said in the beginning, I also heard this term for the very first time. Thank you for sharing this great piece. Now I know about bullet journals by reading your post.

  16. I was wondering what is a bullet journal..and Now you help me understand more in this post. Thank you.

  17. I ahve never heard about bullet journal, but I probably should try! Thanks!

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