How to Easily Design a Logo for Free

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How to Easily Design a Logo for Free

Designing a logo doesn’t have to be scary. I will show you how you can easily design a logo for free, even if you are not a designer! 


Design a logo – the easy way

Your logo is the face of your business. 

Once you have created a great logo, you can print it on business cards and more. 

How to design a logo

1. Go to

Open the website in your browser and click on Create New Design. A box will open where you can choose from different sizes. Search for “Logo” and click on it. 

design a logo

A new window will open with a blank canvas in the middle.

2. Choose a Template

You can find many different templates in Canva. Choose a Design that you like.
You can edit anything in Canva.

When you chose a template, click on it and the blank canvas will be filled. 

Design a logo

Now onto editing

3. Change the colors

You can click every part of the design and change the colors. 

At first, I’m changing my background color. When you click on the background it will be selected (you can see this on the blue border). 

On the left edge you see a small square with the color selected. Click on this square and choose the color you like. You can search by a color name or typing the Hex Codes (for example: #ffffff for white) 

design a logo

Next, I’m going to change the colors of the badge in the middle of the Logo. Once selected, I’ll repeat the steps as for the background color.  

design a logo

4. Change text & font

When you select the text, you can change the text, font, font-size, font-color and much more. 

design a logo

When you’ve made all the changes you want, you can move onto:

5. Save & Download

On the top right you have a Download Button. Click on it. 

design a logo

You can choose the file type that you’d like to download. I recommend using PNG (you can see it’s suggested by Canva too). 

Click Download!


Congratulations! You have just created your first Logo in a few easy steps and totally free!
Comment below what you think of Canva and feel free to share. 🙂

Any questions or wishes? Feel free to contact me! Click here!

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