Etched Wine Glasses – a beautiful gift

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With etched wine glasses your search for the perfect gift ends here.
These custom wine glasses are etched with beautiful and stunning motifs.



Why choose Pramis Bastelwelt?

Our wine glasses are etched by hand!

No laser engraving or technology is used for the etching process so you get the time and care of my husband and me dedicated exclusively to perfecting your specific design.

The etched glasses are 100% dishwasher safe! When etched, the glass retains full stability and strength.

We only use high quality glasses and each one can be personalized to suit your needs.

Glasses we always have on Stock:

* Whiskey Glasses

* White Wine Glasses

* Red Wine Glasses

* Drinking Glasses

Pre-Designed Glasses

We offer some pre-designed glasses. Feel free to add your own customizations!

Custom Designs

We can etch any glass with a design, image, quote or logo of your choice.

You can send us your preferred design and we will make sure you receive a perfect product.

Other etched products

We don’t only do wine glasses!

Mirrors, glass plates, and glass baby bottles are just some of the other options we offer.

Just let us know where we should etch the motif and we will!

You can find more of our projects here!
Order your etched wine glasses or other etched products today!

If you have any questions or special request, please feel free to contact me.

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