5 Awesome Tricks for productivity improvement that work every time

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Struggling with productivity? Are you feeling like you’ve lost it and don’t know how to get it back? Here are 5 tricks for productivity improvement that helped me get back on track!


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1. Set your Goals

I always have an exact goal in mind before I do anything. 

If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you spend so much time doing unnecessary things that prevent you from achieving anything at all.

Goals help you stay motivated. Take your time and set goals that are challenging but achievable. 

In my case, I need my goals to be written down so that I can take a look at them every day! Great tools for keeping track of your goals are Goal Planners!

2. Self-care

If you work all the time and forget about yourself your productivity will get lost sooner or later. 

Working without breaks will make you lose focus and concentration. It is vital to get enough sleep, as well. 

Work in short bursts to get the most out of your productivity. 

Reward yourself with something you love when you’ve finished a big task. It helps you to stay motivated and keep going.

Find your most productive times. For me, that’s early in the morning before my daughter wakes up.

3. Plan every day

Writing a To-Do-List each day helps you to keep the focus on the most important things. 

Write down your most important tasks and to-dos in a planner!
If you do this every day you will see that you work more effectively. 

Get a planner and write down your thoughts, ideas, or to-dos any time. Get the ideas out of your head and onto paper and just watch what happens.

For a long time, I didn’t plan my days. I wasted hours and hours doing unnecessary things because I had no focus. 

Yes, I worked all the time. But it wasn’t productive. It was a waste of time. 
So, start planning today and grab yourself a great planner! 

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4. Love what you do 

When you enjoy what you do, you’ve found the ultimate way to improve your productivity. 

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and think about the things you love! Find your passion and productivity will come with it. 

Can’t find your passion at first? Don’t give up. Keep trying and searching and eventually it’ll come to you. 

Try different things and find something you love!

5. Don’t multitask

Oh, I know what I’m talking about on this point. It’s a thing I’m still fighting with every day. 

You may know that as well. 

You are doing something, then you’re reminded of another thing you also need to get done, so you start that second thing, too, but there’s no end. 

When you start five different things, you lose all your focus. Sometimes you don’t know what you want to do at all. 

This is where point 3 comes into play. Focus on your tasks and to-do-list. Don’t let anything distract you. 

Focus on one thing at a time. Work your way through your to-do-list. Take each point after another. 

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These 5 Tricks are perfect for you if you are looking for productivity improvement. They also increased mine! Stay focused and plan your days well. Care for yourself and you will get back your productivity. 

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